You are probably one of many pet owners who have been looking for more information about a raw diet if you are reading this. As more individuals learn about the advantages of eating foods that are fresh, the question of what to eat specifically has started to come into focus. We are all aware that maintaining our pets’ health and extending their life spans strongly correspond with a varied, balanced diet.

Documentaries such as “Pet Fooled” and published authors such as “The Truth About Pet Food” have revealed what most pet owners never suspected. The processed foods we have been feeding our beloved animals have actually been very detrimental to their health. The conversation began when pet owners started to question what exactly it is about processed pet food that was causing disease. Only to find that the very food they were trusting to nourish their pets, was actually contributing to illnesses. And how could it not? Science has already shown us (human beings) that eating processed foods leads to obesity, and heart disease, among many other ailments. Why would this be different for our pets? And thus, the movement towards a species-appropriate diet exploded onto the market.

So, what changes can you expect once switching to a species-appropriate diet?

Below you will find a list of benefits of feeding a species-appropriate, raw diet to your pets. This information has been gathered over the years from real pet owners and their experiences with their own animals.

Strong Immune System:

With fewer toxins to expel from the body, and more, clean nutrients to work with, the immune system is able to remain strong and healthy, and in working order. This also leads to fewer vet visits as most raw feeders report. Yes, the diet may be more expensive than processed food, but in the long run, you may be spending less at the vet during the pet’s lifetime. Offsetting the cost of the food and prolonging your time with your best friend.

Smaller & Less odorous stools:

Pretty straightforward, with fresh ingredients the body has less waste to produce since it is using more of the nutrients in the food. In turn, stools become smaller as there is less to eliminate. Feline and ferret owners have reported that the litter box doesn’t stink as it used to.

No Pet Odor:

That’s right. Less shedding, and less stinky dog/cat smell, as the body is not releasing toxins through the skin.

Fresh Breath:

A healthy, clean gut leads to healthy, fresh breath. You no longer have to cringe when you get a smooch/lick of affection.

White & Clean Teeth:

With the feeding of raw meaty bones, your pet’s teeth naturally clean themselves of tartar and plaque. No more dental and surgical procedures that put your pet’s health at risk. You will notice so many raw feeders love showing off their older pets’ teeth due to how clean they maintain throughout their lifetime.

Stabilized Energy Levels & Less Hyperactivity:

Have you ever given a child some candy and seen the result of that sugar rush? Well, your pets are the same in how their bodies respond to the food they are given. Raw ingredients help stabilize energy levels and reduce hyperactivity. Meaning your pet is able to focus more, feel comfortable in its own body, and not have to act out to burn off excess energy they don’t know what to do with. What goes in must come out and the energy produced from what they are eating is no different here.

Ideal Weight Maintenance & Greater Muscle Tone:

So many pets are overweight these days and pet owners don’t understand why. They claim they only feed one cup a day and are not able to reach their pet’s ideal body weight. Well, if you were eating junk food daily, do you think you would be able to maintain a healthy weight? How could your pet be? They have no control over what they can eat, so it is up to you to give them the best opportunity to stay healthy. With raw feeding, not only have we seen reports of overweight pets finally able to shed those pounds and reach ideal weight, but also able to maintain that weight. And with time, develop and maintain greater muscle tone. Being able to see a waistline and definition in your pet’s body is what we need to get used to when talking about healthy body weight.

Softer & Shinier Coats:

One of the most commonly heard compliments raw feeders receive is how soft and shiny their pets’ coats are. How are they so soft? What do you do to get that shine? You guessed the answer… Natural oils, vitamins, and minerals found in raw food lead to healthy skin, softer fur, and the shiniest coats ever. So many raw feeders report that the conversation of diet and raw food typically starts when another pet owner comments on their pet’s coat and how they achieved it.

Reduced Itching, Scratching & Licking:

With less inflammation in the body originating from processed foods, there is less itching, scratching, and licking reported. Many pet owners resort to a raw diet as a Hail Mary attempt at resolving allergies and obsessive licking and scratching, after numerous attempts at resolving the issue with vet-prescribed medicines and shampoos, and specialized kibble diets. Except that covering up the symptoms does not cure the root cause. In order to resolve the ailment one must tackle the underlying issue causing the symptoms. And many raw feeders have found that switching diets and rebuilding the immune system from the inside out has resulted in reduced itching, scratching, and licking. In fact, a majority of pet owners make the switch because of these very common symptoms found in our pets.

With the assistance of a board-certified feline nutritionist, we make a raw-based meal for all of our kittens using organic whole foods and pasture-raised chicken and turkey. We made the decision to launch our own line of raw food because we have gotten several requests from our clients. It is now formulating tactics. We provide a free one-month supply to our customers if they wish to be among the first to try it out. Simply sign up using the links below to receive it, and once we are operational, we will deliver a complimentary food supply to your home.