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Our pet experts assist you in choosing your perfect cat. Your furry family member arrives with a successful mandatory health checkup done and up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Can I see the kitten before THE reservation?

Yes, you can see a kitten in real time before placing reservations by scheduling a live video call. The call can be scheduled by visiting [here.]

I want to make a reservation, but can I see the kitty first?
Yes, the reservation fee guarantees that your kitten wouldn’t be adopted by someone else. However, if you failed to pick up your kitten at the promised time and failed to respond to our calls, emails and texts, we hold the right to cancel your reservation and find a new family for the kitten.
Is the reservation fee refundable?
No, the reservation fee is non-refundable. (the only exception is if the kitten is unfit for purchase)
What will my kitten have at the time of the pick up?

All cats have the necessary vaccines, medical documents, and certificates for purebred verification, we also provide:

  • 1 Year Health Guarantee*
  • Age-appropriate Vaccines and Deworming
  • Veterinarian Health Certificate
  • Calici Virus IgG Antibody Test
  • Herpes Virus IgG Antibody Test
  • Feline Panleukopenia IgG Antibody Test
  • Felv/Fiv Test
  • Rabies Shot
  • HCM Heart Scan
  • Pet passport
  • Microchip
Can I purchase a kitten with the breeding rights?
Yes, we can help you pick a perfect stud or queen for your cattery.
Where do your kittens come from?
We are a global cat community, not a kitten mill. Over the years we established trustful relationships with hundreds of catteries around the world. Our breeders are located in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and other parts of the world. All our kittens grow in a homely environment with love and care.
What are your policies regarding returns?
We accept returns only if the kitten was unfit for purchase. Allergy, landlord dislike, personal reasons are not valid reasons for return. It’s your responsibility to take the kitten to the vet within 48 hours after purchase for a physical exam. If during the physical exam the vet determines that the kitten was unfit for the purchase, we will accept the return or exchange the kitten.
Can the kitten be traumatize mentally because of a long travel?
The long journey can occasionally be difficult for both humans and animals. If handled poorly, the lengthy trip will undoubtedly be harmful to the health of the kittens. We do this by ensuring that our kittens are completely healthy and prepared for travel. Our kittens never travel alone; instead, they are always accompanied by a brother or sister in the same box. We ensure sure they have access to food and water, are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We give it every convenience possible. The journey takes around 8 hours, and we deal with the best businesses to make sure our cats arrive to us in one piece. Simply simple, we love our children!
Are your kittens litter box-trained?
Yes, all our kittens are litter box- trained.
What kind of litter are you using?
We use feline pine litter.
How many times a day should I feed my kitten?
We recommend feeding your kittens at least 4 times a day till they reach the age of 8 months. After that, you can slowly transition to a 2 meals a day food plan.
What food do you recommend to give to the kitten?
We feed our adult cats with raw food. And we are currently working on the perfect raw formula for our kittens. Once it’s ready, we will notify you and send you a sample to try. To our kittens, we prefer to give raw meat as well, we also give tuna in a can (soaked in water) and royal canin for kittens (wet and dry). At the time of pick up, we give you a royal canin dry food sample, which should be sufficient for 3 days. Please, be aware that if you introduce your kitten to a different food brand too soon, you may have to deal with vomiting and diarrhea as a side effect.
What cat shampoo do you recommend to use?
We advise you to pick a hypoallergenic baby shampoo.
Should I consider getting a second kitten?
We always recommend having at least 2 pets in the house.
Why do I need to visit the vet with my kitten right after the adoption?
You are in charge of ensuring the kitten’s wellbeing.. We advise that you schedule an appointment for a physical exam in advance. Be aware that you have 48 hours to check your kitten for diseases. We accept returns or exchanges if something vital was found during an exam.
What do I need to do for my kitty on a first vet visit?
We advise setting up a fecal test in addition to a routine physical assessment.Your kitten is dewormed as at the time of the purchase. But there is still a small chance that your kitten could have parasites. Be aware that regular vet checks and deworming going forward, will be your responsibility as the owner of the kitten.


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