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Pet Kittens Cattery is a non-profitable social business model marketplace that seeks to provide forever homes to cats. Find cats for sale or buy kittens for sale online from respected and informed registered cat breeders.

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Find the Purrfect Cats for Rehoming

Pet Kittens Cattery pairs loving kittens with caring owners to forge a unique and enduring friendship. Find the purr-fect match for your lifestyle by looking through our cat breed profiles. Browse the kittens or cats for sale in the breeds that fit your preferences and save your favorites. When you’re ready, get in touch with us for the cat breeders, shelters, or owners of your preferred kittens to find out more and arrange a visit. You can follow the breed to be informed of new kittens that have recently been added if you haven’t yet located the ideal kitten for sale or adoption. We think you’ll have a great time choosing your new family member, whose unique curiosity will make you grin repeatedly. Best connect with us to buy a kitten, we provide Maine Coon cat, Sphynx cat, Siamese, Persian, Bombay cat, Himalayan Ragdoll, and Bengal cat.

Why Choose Us

We’ve matched over 1,800 Families to Loving Kitties

Though there are many places you can find cats or kittens for sale, we give rescue cats or kitten the chance of the happy life they so deserve. Every cat rehomed by us will come microchipped, vaccinated, neutered and come with a unique personality ready. What are you waiting for?

Only Verified Breeders

Avoid falling into kitten fraud! You can buy kittens online from us with 100% safety. We do background checks and work only with verified and reputable cat breeders near you.

Health Guarantee

To Assure the good health and well-being of our kittens, we make extensive tests alongside vet checks. We provide a 1-year genetic health guarantee with all kitten or cat adoption.

Worldwide Delivery

At Pet Kittens Cattery, we make certain that our kittens have first-class tickets when they travel. You can either pick up the kitten personally or have one of our nannies deliver it to your house.

Catteries & Owners

Pet Kittens Cattery is for you if you are a cat breeder, rescue, or pet owner wishing to buy kittens or get a cat for adoption. Post your available kittens and cats for sale or adoption with us.

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Available Kittens & Cats for Sale

Miles – Maine Coon Kitten

Sex: Male
Type: Maine Coon

Leki – Maine Coon Kitten

Sex: Female
Type: Maine Coon

Aura – Maine Coon Kitten

Sex: Female
Type: Maine Coon

Flair – Maine Coon Kitten

Sex: Female
Type: Maine Coon

Purebred Kittens

TICA Cat Breeders

Cat Owner Tips

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How Pet Kittens Cattery Works

Find a Cat/Kitten

We choose responsible cat breeders to find cats available for adoption. Search adorable cats near me by age, gender and breed.

Kitten/Cat Contracts

Our pet experts assist you in choosing the perfect cat and issue your kitten contract. We spay/neuter kittens before rehoming.

TICA Registration

Your furry family member arrives with a successful mandatory health checkup and is up-to-date on all kitten vaccinations.

Collect or Ship Cat

Pick-up or ship your cat comfortably and safely. Start making memories with your new family cat while we are always there to assist.

Happy Kitten Owners

“They were fantastic and really helpful throughout my kitten’s adoption process. We were pleased to discover that Spike had already been microchipped, and had his initial vaccinations and a month’s free pet insurance when we adopted him! He’s such a big personality cat and we love him to bits.”

Georgia Hardie

“What a wonderful experience to adopt purebred kitties! I felt they went beyond my expectations. My kitten has been a wonderful addition and you can tell she has been well taken care of. Throughout the process, I was always able to communicate by text and had fast responses to any question.”

Karen Wise

“We’ve adopted two Maine Coons from Mari and have been blessed with two wonderful additions to our household. Milo who’s over a year old now and Hugo who’s the new baby kitten. We love them dearly and thank Mari for bringing them to us personally. We recommend pet kittens to everyone.”

Michelle Saif

About Our Shelter

”Pet Kittens” is a breeding marketplace for all breeds of kittens. We make the process of adoption and relocation as fast and easy as possible. We accept many types of payments, working with crypto currencies and even provide 12 months financing plans. One part of our team works with breeding, while, the second part patiently tries to provide the best customer service to all our customers. We primarily deal with the breeds: Maine coons, Ragdolls, Bengals, and sometimes British Shorthair and Longhair, and Exotic shorthair.

Our furry friend is unique from day one, as our breeders are very careful in breeding and matching cats for mating.

By mating the best cats, the litter is absolutely exclusive. Breeding of kittens is carried out in a warm domestic atmosphere, and we try to train our Kittens to be loving, playful, and kind. Our Litters are kept healthy by being fed natural vitamin-filled meals. They are also well-trained to use litter boxes and scratching posts at their early stage. As soon as they turn 16 weeks old, they are vaccinated and then made available to be part of a loving family.
We are delighted to choose and bring your new kittens to you and help them get accustomed to a new family. We are also glad to advise our customers on all matters. The main aim of our company is to take care of our furry friends by matching them with a perfectly loving home. We pride ourselves in finding the best cats for our clients in the most hassle-free way possible.


Tips for New Cat Owners

Cat Contract & Health Guarantee

Cat Contract & Health Guarantee

If you have chosen your breeder carefully, you will have discovered someone who has a loving, caring heart for the kitten you are about to bring home. A contract's first goal is to protect the kitten, but its secondary goal is to bind both parties to a reasonable...

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Raw Food for Cats

Raw Food for Cats

You are probably one of many pet owners who have been looking for more information about a raw diet if you are reading this. As more individuals learn about the advantages of eating foods that are fresh, the question of what to eat specifically has started to come...

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